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Dear friends,
American corporations are spreading lies about our public health care system to kill Obama’s health plan — and with it his whole movement for change. Sign a message to Americans about how much we value our healthcare in Europe. Let’s set the record straight!

Obama’s movement for change in the US is at risk of collapsing — in large part because of lies about national public healthcare systems!

It’s incredible, but Obama’s health plan, and with it his entire Presidency, could be derailed if big corporations and the radical right manage to convince Americans that public health systems are a nightmare similar to ”Soviet Russia”.

We need a huge popular outcry from Europe to show the truth — demonstrating how much we value our public healthcare system even despite its drawbacks. Sign on to the message to America and forward this email — if enough of us sign, we’ll cause a stir in US media and help change the debate:

US healthcare is run by large corporations – it’s the most expensive in the world, but ranks 37th in quality, and 40 million Americans can’t afford any care at all. It’s an awful system for people, but corporations make enormous profits, so they’re fighting to keep it. If they win and Obama fails, the Democrats could lose the Congress in elections next year. If this happens, progress on every global issue is endangered, from climate change to the war in Iraq.

We have no time to lose. Industry lobbyists are ramping up their smear campaigns right now to make sure the Obama plan is dead on arrival when Congress meets in September. Americans are hearing a constant barrage of propaganda that our healthcare system is a nightmare. Let’s say it isn’t so!
Public healthcare systems like ours may not be perfect — but it works far better than the US system. Let’s stand up to the lies, and help save Obama’s movement for change with the truth about public healthcare systems.

With hope,

Brett, Ricken, Benjamin, Alice, Graziela, Paula, Paul, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team.

Here’s some links for more info:

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Health insurers stocks rise as health care plans fade


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2 responses to “Meddelande från Avaaz…

  1. Tack för tipset! Jag har skrivit på och tipsat vidare.

    Läs också gärna denna artikel i The Independent ”Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason”:

  2. Tack själv för tipset karin


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